Start well with a need-oriented fertilization

Exact, even and accurate to the border of the field. This should be the fertilizer distribution, even with large working widths and under unfavourable wind conditions. Liquid fertilization is the appropriate application form within the field and along the border of the field.

Start well with a need-oriented fertilization

The uniform application prevents an otherwise frequently observed underdosing along the border of the field, visible as “hunger stripes” causing consequently yield losses. Advantages of liquid fertilization for crops are the exact need-based application e.g. in smaller doses and immediate availability in dry conditions.

Improved nutrient efficiency in addition with reduced environmental impact is complied. Lechler offers the appropriate liquid fertilizer application technology for early to late growth stages in different arable crops.

Take advantage of the frozen soil in early spring due to higher load bearing capacity. For the first fertilizer application, FD liquid fertilizer nozzles are the ideal application technique. The main criterion is their extremely uniform lateral distribution, which is comparable to a known flat fan nozzle. Therefore, no streaking in the crop occurs. The patented pre-atomizing orifice leads to an ultra coarse droplet formation with extremely low impact and minimal risk of scorch on the leaves. High acreage and performance on farm available boom sprayers are economic advantages.

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Application of liquid fertilizer in a future oriented agriculture
Application of liquid fertilizer in a future oriented agricultureGuest comment from Lechler brochure "Application of liquid fertilizer – Recommendations, nozzles and accessories"Michael Fuchs, SKW, LF application research departmentRead now (pdf, 2 MB)


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