95% drift reduction in vineyards and up to 99% in orchards

How can high quality grapes and fruit be produced? The crops need to be kept healty over the whole vegetation period.

95% drift reduction in vineyards and up to 99% in orchards

Besides the adequate selection of plant protection products and timing of the application, nowadays drift reducing nozzles with a drift reduction potential up to 95/99% play an important role with regard to environmental care, good deposition and penetration into canopy. Lechler offers a wide range of flat fan nozzles including AD 90, IDK 90 and ID 90 series. Country specific regulations please see here

Drift-and-loss-reducing technologies

In Germany ITR 80-01C is the only JKI approved nozzle with 95% drift reduction for applications in vineyards. Main interest is control of Drosophila suzukii. Application is performed with max. three nozzles per side only in the grape zone. Besides high drift reduction, a sharp demarcation between grape zone and leafwall can be achieved in order to get best protection of predatory mites. Of course, other applications over the whole leaf wall are also possible with 95% drift reduction.


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