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Laval Nozzle Lances

Twin-fluid nozzles for a wide droplet size range in special applications.

Lechler Laval nozzles atomize liquids as a fine full cone. These twin-fluid nozzles work according to the supersonic principle. A dual-phase mixture is created from atomizing air and liquid in the mixing chamber inside the nozzle.

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Small spray angle
Small spray angle15°, suitable for small cross-sections and horizontal ducts
Very large turn down ratio
Very large turn down ratioof 20:1 (in some cases up to 40:1)
Adjustment of the droplet spectrum
Adjustment of the droplet spectrumby changing the air/fluid ratio
Very fine droplet spectrum
Very fine droplet spectrum
Clog-resistantthanks to large free cross-sections without internal fittings
Typical pressure range
Typical pressure rangeLiquid 1-6 bar, g ; Atomizing air 1-6 bar, g

The shape of the nozzle causes this mixture to be accelerated to supersonic speed, resulting in an extremely fine atomization of the droplets. By changing the air/liquid ratio, the droplet size and the droplet spectrum can be adapted within a wide range.

The large free cross sections of the nozzle also allow atomization of viscous or solids-laden liquids. Choosing the right material prevents wear even where abrasive media are present, and enables use at high temperatures.


  • „„Gas cooling in gasbearing pipes (ducts) and medium-sized and small gas cooling towers
  • Injection of solids-laden water
  • Introduction of lime water in the desulfurisation process
  • Injection of aqueous ammonia or urea solution for the DeNOx process (SNCR/SCR)
  • Chemical process engineering (spray dryers etc.).

Application areas

Downcomer Duct

Gas cooling in downcomer duct

SNCR process

Denitrification DeNOx SNCR

SCR process

Denitrification DeNOx SCR

Spray dryers

Gas cooling in spray dryer/spray absorber

Functionality of Laval Nozzle Lances

The compact and handy design of the nozzle lances makes them easy to assemble. The nozzles themselves have a low-maintanance design and can be quickly cleaned or exchanged with minimal effort.

The nozzle lances are manufactured of high-quality stainless steel and depending on process-specific requirements can also be made of chemical and high-temperature resistant material.

The nozzle lances ensure optimal spray placement and alignment in flue gas ducts. The choice of nozzles and the consideration of local conditions and process-related matters means they can be individually adapted to the respective requirements.

Lechler nozzle lances are available with many options, including but not limited to:

  • „Protection tube to increase the service life in case of higher temperatures, high dust loads and aggressive gases
  • „Expansion joint or stuffing box for expansion compensation at high temperatures
  • „Wedge flange, standard flange and special flange
  • „Shifting device to change the insertion lenght
  • „Pre-assembled accessory kits for process media connections
  • „Further special customizations including wear protection, insulation, water cooling or coating

Assembly Laval nozzle

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Disassembly Laval nozzle

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