Fluid dynamics process simulations

Really corrosive.

The project: Sulfuric acid injection for the purification and cooling of process gases with sulphur trioxide

Schwefelsäure-Eindüsung zur Reinigung und Kühlung von Prozessgasen mit Schwefeltrioxid

The task

A complex, hot process gas is to be cleaned through intensive cooling below the acid dew point. In this case, the SO2 and SO3 contained in the gas reacts together with the injected lower-concentrated sulfuric acid solution to form sulfuric acid. This sulfuric acid condenses on the cold droplets and collects at the end of the reactor in liquid form. In this condition, it can be processed comparatively easily. The result is a SO3-free, cold exhaust gas. Lechler supports you in planning these complex processes and helps to avoid explosive and expensive experiments.

The result

  • The minimization of expensive and dangerous experiments
  • Optimal nozzle selection and positioning for efficient, safe operation
  • Design of the necessary installation space for the quenching process
  • Calculation of outlet temperatures of the liquid and gaseous products