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We have compiled articles, analyses and statements from different media on various current topics in the field of nozzle and spray technology, which might be of your interest.

Professional reports Industry

Efficient Tank Cleaning: Lechler at work with major craft brewers in the USAProfessional report from "BREWING AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY" (5/2023)Andreas Kühfuß, Lechler GmbH pdf, 545 KB
Precision nozzles approved for contact with foodsTrade fair report from Anuga Foodtec 2015Lechler GmbH pdf, 402 KB
Efficient nozzle operationTechnical report published by BRAUINDUSTRIEMatthias Schneider, Key Account Manager pdf, 879 KB
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Professional reports Agriculture

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Professional reports Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS)

Flue gas cleaning – Modernization and Process Optimization of Wet Flue Gas Desulphurization AbsorbersFlue Gas Cleaning 2023, vgbe Workshop, Prague (Czech Republic)Thomas Schröder, Lechler GmbH pdf, 6 MB
Just Add Water – Benefit from injection in the clinker coolerWorld CementArmin Möck, Lechler GmbH pdf, 8 MB
Reducing key pollutants: Emission reduction using air pollution control technologiesWorld Cement | 07/2018Janine Keune, Lechler GmbH pdf, 1 MB
Multi-pollutant control technology assessment: Circulating fluidised bed scrubber vs. spray dryer absorberVGB Power TechMatthew Fischer, Greg Darling pdf, 2 MB
Basic design considerations for a flue gas cooling system and the potential advantages of a lower temperature operation for cement plantsWorld CementAshwin Patni pdf, 1 MB
High-efficiency SNCR injection systemsGlobal Cement MagazineDr. Ullrich Speer pdf, 1 MB
Improving the FGD absorber and ESP performance at Iskenderun power plantVGB PowerTechGürkan Atmaca, Werner Stratmann and Birgit Wortmann pdf, 12 MB
Spray technology is critical in helping a plant achieve optimal performanceASME Power Conference 2009, Albuquerque (New Mexico), USARobert E. Van Durme, P.E. pdf, 450 KB
Why a spillback nozzle injection system can create energy cost savingsWorld CementArmin Möck pdf, 1,005 KB
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Professional reports Metallurgy

Secondary cooling in continuous casting: Consequent secondary cooling system optimization results in productivity increase at TATA Steel Jamshedpur LD2 slab castersContribution paper for METEC 2019Ranjay Singh, Akshay Khullar, Hitesh Shah, Vimal Mishra, Rakesh Kumar, TATA Steel Jamshedpur, India; Santosh Chacko, Lechler India Pvt. Ltd., India; Robert Wolff, Lechler GmbH, Germany pdf, 204 KB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: Energy Efficiency in Secondary Cooling – New generation of hydraulic nozzles with increased water turndown ratio and cooling efficiency for slab casting processesContribution paper for METEC 2019J. Frick, R. Wolff, Lechler GmbH, Germany; R. Conte, A. Carboni, Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche, Italy pdf, 309 KB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: New generation of air-mist nozzles improves energy efficiency in secondary coolingProfessional report from Stahl und Eisen Nr. 11/2018Robert Wolff (Lechler GmbH, Germany), Jürgen Frick (Lechler GmbH, Germany), Christian Bernhard, Matthias Taferner pdf, 1 MB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: Energy Efficiency in Secondary Cooling – New Generation of Air-Mist Nozzles With Reduced Air Consumption and High Cooling EfficiencyContribution paper for AISTech 2018R. Wolff, J. Frick, C. Bernhard, M. Taferner pdf, 457 KB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: Increased productivity and quality through conversion of secondary coolingProfessional report from Millenium Steel India 2016 Robert Wolff, S. Singh, S. Anand, S. Sahu, L. Goyal, S. Awasthi, S. Chacko pdf, 1 MB
Descaling: Descaling system optimisation in a compact endless cast and rolling mill CEM©Contribution paper for Rolling 2016, Graz (Austria)Jochen Munz, Jong Yeon Hwang, Sang Hyeon Lee, Young ju Ko, Jürgen Frick pdf, 631 KB
Descaling: Energy saving and process optimization by application of the latest high efficient descaling technologyContribution paper für South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute (SEAISI), Vietnam, 2016Bilal Akgül, Hubertus Wenig, Abdullah Savascioglu pdf, 1 MB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: Advanced control of spray cooling heat transfer in long product castingContribution paper for the European Continuous Casting Conference (ECCC) 2014, Graz (Austria)Robert Wolff pdf, 553 KB
Roll cooling: General aspects of roll cooling for hot & cold rolling millsProfessional report from SEAISI Quarterly Journal (SQJ) 2014, 43, 2; 49-56Hubertus Wenig pdf, 1 MB
Descaling: Enhanced accuracy of descaling nozzle arrangements with new complementary measurement methodsContribution paper for European Oxide Scale Conference 2014, London (UK)Jürgen Frick pdf, 286 KB
Roll cooling: Fundamentals of roll cooling and control of flatness at primary cold reductionContribution paperDaron Lloyd pdf, 827 KB
Roll cooling: General aspects of roll cooling for hot & cold rolling mills (copy 2)Contribution paperDavid Tucker pdf, 839 KB
Descaling: Optimisation of technologies for hydro-mechanical descaling of steelContribution paper for SMEA Conference and Exhibition, Sheffiled Metallurgical and Engineering Association, University of Sheffield (UK)Jürgen Frick pdf, 1 MB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: New secondary cooling systems and practicesContribution paper for the 6th European Conference on Continuous Casting 2008, Riccione (Italy) Jürgen Frick, Ray Boyle pdf, 3 MB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: Important design parameters and user-friendly features of modern air mist nozzles for slab and beam blank castersContribution paperJürgen Frick pdf, 790 KB
Roll cooling: Flatness and profile the problems that can exist in the design of the spray actuatorsContribution paper for The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Achieving Profile & Flatness in Falt Products, Austin Court, Birmingham (UK), 2006David Tucker pdf, 904 KB
Descaling: Audits of existing hydro-mechanical descaling systems in hot rolling mills as a method to enhance product qualityContribution paper for The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition 2005, Charlotte N.C., USAJürgen Frick pdf, 863 KB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: Audits of secondary cooling systems in existing casters as a method to enhance product quality and productivityContribution paper for The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition and ICS 2005 - The 3rd International Congress on the Science and Technology of Steelmaking, Charlotte N.C., USARay Boyle, Jürgen Frick pdf, 914 KB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: Modern secondary cooling technology in continuous casting of steelProfessional report from La Metallurgia Italiana 09/2004 Ray Boyle, Jürgen Frick pdf, 319 KB
Descaling: More efficient hydraulic descaling header designsMPT International 2/2004Jürgen Frick pdf, 848 KB
Descaling: Optimisation of nozzle arrangements on descaling headersContribution paper for the 4th International Conference on Hydraulic Descaling, IoM Institute of Materials, London (UK)Jürgen Frick pdf, 1 MB
Roll cooling: General aspects of roll cooling for hot & cold rolling mills (copy 1)Conribution paper for Saruc Southern African Roll Users Conference, Emuleni Conference Centre Vanderbijlpark, South AfricaJürgen Frick pdf, 977 KB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: User benefits of modern mist nozzle and secondary cooling system technologyContribution paper for the 85th Steel Making Conference, Nashville Tenn., USA Jürgen Frick pdf, 2 MB
Descaling: Descaling with high-pressure nozzlesContribution paper for the conference of the Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (ILASS) Europe, Zurich, 2001Lothar Bendig, Miroslav Raudensky, Jaroslay Horsky pdf, 4 MB
Secondary cooling in continuous casting: Improved secondary cooling for continuous castingConrtibution paper for Saruc Southern African Roll Users Conference, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa Jürgen Frick, Roman Haap pdf, 627 KB
Descaling: Measurement of mathematical approximation of the impact of descaling nozzlesContribution paper for Hydraulic Descaling Conference, London (UK)Stefan Schürmann pdf, 9 MB
Descaling: Optimization of descaling nozzles in a hot strip millOffprint from "MPT International" Volume 23 (2000), edition 5, pages 92-96, Publisher: Verlag Stahleisen GmbH (Düsseldorf/Germany)Ernst-Ulrich Becker, Gerhard Birkemeier, Werner Büchele, Michael Degner, Lutz Devrient, Michael Nowak, Gerd Thiemann pdf, 870 KB
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