Droplet separation in wind turbines

Sustainable solutions for climate protection

Wind turbines will play a special role in the energy mix in the future. With its droplet separator solutions for wind turbines, Lechler is making a sustainable contribution to climate protection.

Droplet separation in wind turbines

Besides converting wind into electrical energy, wind turbines have to meet special technical requirements. Harsh environmental conditions and especially humidity have a particular effect on technology and materials. Electrical components wear out more quickly, leading to malfunctions in the control system. Corrosion of the components in the nacelle must also be counteracted by a foresighted design. Furthermore, moisture favors the proliferation of bacteria, which leave behind slimy surfaces – slippery danger spots for maintenance service personnel.

To ensure the safety of service personnel and a longer service life of all components in wind turbines, the use of efficient humidity control is essential. A smart solution for this is the installation of Lechler droplet separators to protect downstream plant components. The droplet separators are predestined for demanding applications, meet the highest requirements and are used in modern onshore and offshore wind turbines. With this Lechler technology, generators are ventilated and cooled effectively, especially at high gas velocities.

Lechler droplet separator LTV 300 and LTH 600Efficient droplet separator solutions for vertical flow (LTV 300 series) and horizontal flow (LTH 600 series).

Droplet separation in wind turbines in practice


  • Protection of downstream plant components from weather and environmental impacts
  • Ventilation of components in the nacelle


  • Compact design, also in versions for high gas velocities
  • Wide range of materials, also in low temperature versions
  • Low pressure losses


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