Herbicide applications with the twin flat spray nozzles IDKT, IDTA and XDT

Nozzle selection for autumn crop protection application in cereal and rape seed crops plays a crucial role in effective and sustainable weed control. Different nozzle types offer specific advantages that meet farmers' needs.

Herbicide application in rape seed and cereals with the twin flat fan nozzle family IDKT, IDTA and XDT

The IDTA, IDKT and XDT nozzles impress with different characteristics that help farmers with herbicide application in autumn. Choosing the right nozzle depends on individual needs and field conditions to ensure effective weed control while protecting crops and the environment.

Our twin flat spray nozzle family

Twin flat spray nozzle IDTA

"The Fast – IDTA"

The IDTA, as an air-injector nozzle with asymmetrical twin flat spray, enables farmers to spray at higher driving speeds from 12 km/h upwards.

Advantages of the IDTA:

  • „„Twin flat spray jet 30°/50° with asymmetrical spray angles and flow rates
    • 90°/120° gives on the target area the same spray width
    • Finer droplet spectrum to the front in driving direction for optimum coverage
    • Coarser, more drift-resistant droplet spectrum to the rear
  • High drift reduction (in the range 95-90%)
  • Precise and effective weed control, even at driving speeds over 20 km/h

The IDTA nozzles enable time-saving herbicide application, especially in large-structured regions.

Twin flat spray nozzle IDKT

"The Solid – IDKT"

The IDKT, as air-injector nozzles with symmetrical twin flat spray, is suitable for farmers mainly driving at speeds of up to 12 km/h.

Advantages of IDKT:

  • 90% drift reduction – IDKT 120-02 to 06
  • Compact design
  • Optimum deposition on foliage and vertical target surfaces thanks to symmetrical twin flat spray jet 30°/30°
  • Reduced spray shadow
  • Improved coverage due to balanced droplet spectrum

IDKT nozzles are an efficient and environmentally friendly option for herbicide application in agriculture.

Twin flat spray nozzle XDT

"The Flexible – XDT"

The XDT, as a nozzle with dosing orifice and symmetrical twin flat spray of 40°/40° is suitable for all driving speeds.

Advantages of the XDT:

  • PWM suitable
  • Increased acreage performance due to wide pressure range
  • Extreme drift reduction in the whole pressure range
  • On-time application even under unfavorable weather conditions
  • Optimum deposition with reduced spray shadow due to twin flat spray

The XDT nozzles convince with an effective and precise solution for herbicide application, while minimising the environmental impact.

The advantages of the twin flat spray nozzle family at a glance

The IDTA nozzle

The IDTA nozzle

The IDTA nozzle enables time-saving application at higher driving speeds.

Asymmetrical twin flat spray air-injector nozzles IDTA
The IDKT nozzle

The IDKT nozzle

The compact IDKT nozzle is ideally used in the low pressure range at lower travel speeds.

Symmetrical TWIN flat spray air-Injector compact nozzles IDKT
The XDT nozzle

The XDT nozzle

The XDT nozzle is an excellent solution for difficult spraying conditions and high area output.

Twin flat spray nozzle XDT

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