Droplet Separator LTH 600
Baffles Droplet Separator LTH 600

Droplet Separator LTH 600

Droplet separator for highest demands

The LTH 600 series is the highest-performance horizontal-flow droplet separator in the Lechler range. Developed to meet the highest demands, the LTH 600 is characterized by the straight inlet and outlet design of the profile geometry, which results in improved flow routing and highest separation performance at high flow velocities.

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Properties and materials

  • Highest separation performance
  • Low pressure loss
  • Available in four variants for optimum adaptation to process requirements
  • High hydraulic separation capacity
  • Variable profile spacing
  • Improved flow routing
  • Suitable for high flow velocities
  • PP
  • Stainless steel
  • Special materials
Diagrams of pressure loss and limit droplet LTH 600The technical values apply to the system water/air under standard conditions and with a baffle vane spacing of 25 mm.