Droplet Separator LTV 400
Baffles Droplet Separator LTV 400

Droplet Separator LTV 400

Droplet separator with high variability

Thanks to its large number of design options, the vertical-flow LTV 400 can be easily adapted to individual operating requirements. The smooth profile surface without grooves is particularly important here. This is easy to clean and has a low fouling tendency even with high dust loads. The variable installation length of the droplet separators makes it possible to achieve a high savings potential in the design of the support structure.

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Properties and materials

  • Very good separation performance with minimum pressure loss
  • Suitable for high dust loads
  • Variable widths and baffle vane spacing
  • Reduced support structure
  • Easy to clean
  • PPTV
  • PVDF
  • PE
  • Stainless steel
  • Special materials
Diagrams of pressure loss and limit droplet LTV 400The technical values apply to the system water/air under standard conditions and with a baffle vane spacing of 25 mm.