1AW nozzle
1AW single nozzle
1AW single nozzle, functional drawing
Spay pattern 1AW single nozzle
1AW cluster head nozzle
Sprühbild 1AW-Bündeldüse

1AW Nozzle Lances

Special twin-fluid nozzles for SCR applications.

The Lechler 1AW nozzle works according to a newly developed and patented atomization principle. It divides the supplied atomizing air into a primary and secondary air flow. Thanks to the specific inflow geometry, the secondary air exits through an annular gap causing a very fine atomization in the edge region of the spray. This twin-fluid nozzle enables finest droplet spectra and shortest evaporation distances while also allowing very good controllability of the flow rate. Cluster heads designed specifically for these nozzles multiply the flow rates and adapt the spray pattern to the requirements at the point of injection.

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Spray angle of the individual nozzle
Spray angle of the individual nozzle15° as full cone
Turn-down ratio
Turn-down ratioof 10:1
Typical pressure range
Typical pressure rangeLiquid 1-5 bar, g; Atomizing air 1-5 bar, g
Particularly fine droplets
Particularly fine droplets
Designas single or bundle nozzle lances
Adjustment of the droplet spectrum
Adjustment of the droplet spectrumby changing the air/fluid ratio

In order to achieve an optimized distribution of the reagent over the duct cross-section, the atomized volume flow can be distributed over cluster heads with up to four individual 1AW nozzles.

The 1AW cluster heads are available in the following versions:

  • Round head with 3 nozzles with a total spray angle of approx. 30°
  • Round head with 3 nozzles with a total spray angle of approx. 40°
  • Flat head with 3 nozzles with a total spray angle of approx. 55°
  • Round head with 4 nozzles with a total spray angle of approx. 40°


  • „„Injection of ammonia water for DeNOx processes (SCR)

Application areas

SNCR process

Denitrification DeNOx SNCR

SCR process

Denitrification DeNOx SCR