Focus topic: Contactless handling of liquid crop protection products with the Lechler Coupler

With its new Lechler Coupler (LeC), Lechler offers a closed transfer system (CTS) for the safe handling of liquid crop protection products. Precise, contactless dosing and transferring of liquid crop protection products is therefore no problem – without compromising on efficiency.

Fokusthema: Flüssige Pflanzenschutzmittel sicher dosieren und umfüllen mit dem Lechler Coupler (LeC)

The Lechler Coupler (LeC) is compatible with the easyconnect cap. The easyconnect system is a closed transfer system (CTS) for liquid crop protection products. With the LeC, all individual steps in the process from locking to removal of the cleaned canister run fully automatically. The operator can choose between the fully automatic removal of a pre-selected quantity (also several canisters) and the manual removal of the complete canister contents. The weighing system works independently of the viscosity of the crop protection agent. The non-contact filling of the crop protection device thus ensures the best possible protection for the user.

Advantages of the Lechler Coupler at a glance

  • High dosing accuracy
  • Electrified and automated canister cleaning
  • Easy attachment through single point suspension
  • Power supply 12 V via plug to the vehicle
  • Water and dust protection of coupler and display
  • Easy operation via display even with gloves
  • Fully automatic extraction and cleaning
  • Optional complete canister extraction or partial extraction possible
  • Compatible with easyconnect caps
  • Compliance with given specifications according to ISO 21191

Excellent: The innovative weight unit of the LeC

The Lechler Coupler is particularly impressive thanks to its integrated innovative weight unit, which is unique on the market to date. It comprises three load cells and is designed to compensate vibrations. This enables trouble-free weighing and dosing of plant protection products – conveniently and without contact. Contactless dosing also means that the device can be cleaned safely and easily. Also, the dead volume in the dosing device gets very low.

The Lechler Coupler (LeC) in use

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Our video shows the easy handling of liquid crop protection products with the Lechler Coupler (LeC).

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