New Lechler rotating cleaning nozzle XactClean HP 2 – Efficient tank and equipment cleaning for highest hygiene demands

Lechler presents its latest rotating cleaning nozzle – the XactClean HP 2. This innovative product has been specially developed for tank and equipment cleaning and sets new standards in terms of hygiene, efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Lechler rotating cleaning nozzle XactClean HP 2

The XactClean HP 2 impresses with its compact design, which allows easy integration into existing plants. Due to the reduced rotation speed, it ensures thorough cleaning of the tank surfaces, even in the case of stubborn contamination.

The FDA approval of the XactClean HP 2 enables its use in sensitive areas such as the food industry. In addition, a version with Atex approval is available on request, which is also suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The easy maintenance of the XactClean HP 2 is a major advantage for plant operators. The innovative design enables cleaning and maintenance to be carried out directly on site, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

With a maximum operating temperature of 150 °C, the XactClean HP 2 can also be operated in demanding environments. In addition, it is capable of being operated with steam, further increasing its versatility.

Lechler's XactClean HP 2 rotating cleaning nozzle is the perfect solution for companies that need reliable, hygienic and efficient tank cleaning. With this innovative product, Lechler once again sets a milestone in cleaning technology and supports its customers in achieving the highest quality standards.