Efficient container cleaning: Avoid risks and side effects of residues

Whether small container or large tank, light or persistent soiling, whether spray balls or rotating cleaning nozzles: Lechler offers the right nozzle for every application. With highest precision for premium results – without side effects.

Efficient container cleaning: Avoid risks and side effects of residues

Lechler precision nozzles and nozzle systems play an important role in the optimization of production processes in various areas of mechanical process engineering. In order to make these processes even more efficient and shorter, we are constantly developing our nozzles.

Our new products regarding tank cleaning are:

  • PopUp Clean – The new way of cleaning agitators and spray shadows in containers
  • PopUp Whirly – The compact extendable rotary cleaner for tank and pipe cleaning
  • XactClean HP+ – The rotating cleaning nozzle with controlled rotation in a new dimension
  • as well as the extensive range of precision nozzles for tank and equipment cleaning.

The selection of the appropriate Lechler rotary cleaner is primarily determined by the type of contamination and the container diameter. For our customers we offer our simulation software TankClean to support the correct product selection. Because planning tank cleaning can be a big challenge. With our new, unique software TankClean we support you on the way to a perfect container cleaning.

Overview: Tank and equipment cleaning

Innovative drive concepts, state-of-the-art nozzle design and a large selection of sizes and materials: The Lechler cleaning nozzle range offers the right nozzle solution for every application.

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