Innovations for the 2022 season:
Liquid fertilization economically optimized

The challenges at the start of the new year are enormous and characterized by the developments in the markets. Prices for raw materials have really exploded in some segments. This has an impact on the required means of production such as fertilizers. For your farm, this means finding the economic optimum and increasing the efficiency of the use of means of production to a maximum.

Lechler innovations for liquid fertilizer application help to optimize arable crop production. Based on the concept of the proven FD series, the VR is a nozzle series for "variable rate" application. Each nozzle size covers up to 5 ISO FD nozzle sizes. This makes liquid fertilizer application even more flexible without having to change nozzles. In addition to the FD nozzles, there is the matching FB border nozzle for precise field border fertilization in compliance with the fertilization ordinance.

Liquid fertilization is the most suitable method of fertilizer application in the field and along the field borders. Lechler offers the appropriate application technologies for liquid fertilization – for early to late growth stages in different arable crops. This is because fertilizer distribution is all about applying precisely, evenly and to the border – even with large working widths and under unfavorable wind conditions.

Lechler liquid fertilizer nozzles – our highlights

Lechler Liquid fertilizer nozzle FD

Liquid fertilizer nozzle FD

The ideal application technique for the first and second application of fertilizer. The essential criterion is its extremely uniform transverse distribution, comparable to a flat fan nozzle. This means that there is no streaking. Adapted fertilizer applications are possible via nozzle sizes from 02 to 20.

The patented pre-atomizer principle results in an extremely coarse droplet application with extremely low jet force and minimal risk of burns. High area outputs can be achieved with the appropriate equipment technology and bring advantages in terms of labor economy. Compared to fertilizer spreaders, use in windy conditions offers the necessary operational flexibility, especially for large working widths.

Liquid fertilizer nozzles FD
Lechler liquid fertilizer nozzle VR ("Variable Rate")

NEW: Liquid fertilizer nozzle VR ("Variable Rate")

The concept of the new Lechler VR liquid fertilizer nozzle is based on the well-known and proven FD series. VR stands for Variable Rate and represents up to five FD ISO nozzle sizes in one nozzle housing in the pressure range of 2 - 8 bar. The advantage here is the increase in area output without changing nozzles, with simultaneous flexible area and speed-adapted liquid fertilization.

The droplet spectrum for both variants is in the "ultra coarse" droplet size class over the entire pressure range. This allows plant-friendly liquid fertilization in accordance with good professional practice.

Liquid fertilizer nozzle VR
Lechler liquid fertilizer border nozzle FB

NEW: Liquid fertilizer border nozzle FB

The new Lechler FB liquid fertilizer edge nozzle is the ideal addition to the FD series for applying liquid fertilizer along field edges with a sharp edge. Available in sizes 02 to 08, the FB nozzle features an asymmetrically arranged 100° flat spray. In the dressing, 100% uniform distribution of the liquid fertilizer is achieved right up to the edge of the field. This is resource-efficient and makes good business sense in order to exploit the crop's yield potential even in the marginal area.

In accordance with the Fertilizer Ordinance, no fertilizer is applied beyond the edge of the field. This effectively avoids the edge waste often observed in agricultural practice (e.g. with the classic centrifugal fertilizer spreader) in the form of starvation strips.

Liquid fertilizer border nozzle FB

Further product innovations

Virtual showroom for agricultural nozzles

Whether liquid fertilization, crop protection in field cultivation or care of viticulture – experience all new Lechler agricultural nozzles in our virtual showroom in 3D:

  • XDT for crop protection in field cultivation
  • TR 60 for plant protection in viticulture
  • FB and VR for liquid fertilization
Virtual showroom for agricultural technologies

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